“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” Picasso

Art is healing, it’s healing and cleansing because it’s essence, it’s connected with the divine and our soul recognizes it… That’s why when we listen to music, dance, paint, write or watch a movie our body and soul react with deep, true emotion.

My purpose with Art-Therapy and Art-Expression workshops is to reach that point of connection, of fascination, of understanding which part is original and which part is human and to work on the emotions and the expression of them, especially, playing theatre or dancing. Then, once we realize it, it’s easier for us to work on it and understand what is blocking us or preventing us from giving 100% in our personal relationships.

These workshops are perfect to develop in a group although I also offer them in individual format. Ask for more info in contact.


Sometimes, apart from working in our expression and communication, we must also attend our physical body.

As a personal trainer I use different active disciplines such as pilates, yoga, meditation or functional training to recover the body’s muscular balance and to improve concentration and efficiency in people who already practice sports regularly or who are engaged in competition.

I also use other passive therapies such as cranio-sacral therapy to listen to the tissues when parts of the body get blocked or during rehabilitation process.

I offer these sessions in an individual format. Ask for more info in contact.