spiritual coach

In a spiritual and emotional coaching session we will talk about beliefs, judgments and everything that separates us from our true nature and makes it difficult to see life as it is, perfect. There is nothing to correct, nothing to change, just a little bit to understand and a lot, a lot to feel.

I would like to invite you to connect with your essence, that hasn’t been created by the human being and that it reveals to you the love, the trust, the certainty, the kindness and the generosity that have always been in you. I will try to marvel yourself and that this experience helps you to face any situation in your life.

You may can be going through one of those named difficult moments or you may can feel great but with the intuition that there is something that’s asking you for more… In fact you don’t have to be in any special situation to desire to reconnect with your own energy.

These sessions can be individual for groups.

Akashic Records reading:


To connect with the energy of the Akashic Recods is to connect with the memory of your soul and with the teachers and spiritual guides that are with us in this life to help us to fulfil our purpose. And when I say purpose I do not mean “being a doctor” or “writing a best seller”, we all share the purpose of love, of loving life as it is and we are here to experience the different situations that life puts in front of us. What happens is that, sometimes, it may seem to us that these situations are overwhelming, that we will not be able to deal with them or that they are so far from what we had imagined for ouerselves that we do not even know how to face it… Or maybe,  we only want to feel the connection with our soul and receive, if it’s possible, the messages that our guides have for us.

Whatever your situation, the experience of the Akashic Records reading is usually special.

I only offer these sessions in an individual format.

If you want more information you can ask me in contact.