about me

This project was born after several years of rejecting everything I learned and working daily to empty the thoughts, opinions and judgments that we all have in our minds about what’s life and how we should live it. My name is Natàlia and I’m from Barcelona.

I’ve done many things in my life and I think that all of them have helped me to arrive to this point but, the truth is that everyone is its own master and everything we need to know is already within us.

So, what I will try to do is to join you in this inner knowledge and to help you to discover it, after having done… I’ve studied Philology in the UB, as an actress in the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, ​​I have a Master’s Degree in Business Communication Management in the UPF School of Management, I’ve trained and worked for more than 10 years as a dance teacher, coach and sports coordinator, I was Director of Communication and Marketing as well, I started and closed twice my own business, I’ve been working as an actress and… oh yes, I was a waitress as well.

These last 5 years I have focused on deepening my experience with meditation, reading, reading and reading, discovering some energetic therapies, the management of emotions and their relation with our physical body, I’ve done workshops using Art-Therapy, I’ve learned a lot from nature and from animals, especially from my dogs, and I’m discovering, daily, the magic of the Akashic Records.